Driftwood spruce staircase carving by Ben Firth

There’s a point along the bluffs between Anchor Point and Homer where, on a breezy day, you’ll see ravens rolling and tumbling in the updraft off the cliff face. This house was built near the bluff within sight of that point, which is what inspired the idea for this carving. You can see the stairwell in some of these photos; the driftwood spruce log out of which the raven is carved forms the center of the staircase. As you come up the stairs, your eye is drawn to the raven, which seems ready to soar away.

It was carved using an electric chainsaw and other power tools, including angle grinders, die grinders and sanders. The dark finish was achieved with a propane torch and oil stain, after which it was given a couple coats of polyurethane. 

If you would be interested in something like this for your own home, please contact Ben Firth.
uncarved log
The uncarved log

One original concept drawing
One of Ben's original concept drawings

first cuts
After the first cuts

roughing it out
Raven in the sunshine

roughing it out 2
Full side view, ready for detailing

Head detail
After detailing

finished head
Finished head

finished side view
The finished raven


view from below
View from the staircase